Potential delisting Chinese stocks

Anyone know what would happen if Chinese stocks (for instance Ali Baba ADR) were forced to delist from NYSE, … ? Losing all money? How would Bux (Zero) deal with this?


My guess is that Bux will automatically sell all the stocks, paying you out in cash. Of course, this is very much less than ideal since the stock price will collapse in the process of everyone being forced to sell out…


I think they will sell it for us and pay us in cash. Because otherwise you lose your more money than you eventually wanted.

But I hope and I think this won’t happen. But it’s more hope than thinking, haha!


I believe you wont get anything, it is like a company goes bankrupt, it isnt bux problem, you are the one that invests in it.

But ask support.

In any case the chinese have said they wouldnt do it today.


They have two options:

  • Sell your positions forcefully (would be the least ideal for the customer but also the least expensive for Bux)
  • Move your positions to the Hong Kong stock exchange (would be the most ideal for the customer but the most expensive for Bux)

Most bigger brokers will do the second option if it needs to be done, will be curious to see what BUX does.

That being said, I consider the chance of actual mass scale delisting very small, that would irreparably damage not only the image of China as an investable country but also cause further problems as China is in debt crisis and they need the money.


Indeed, I am also curious to hear if Bux could offer the second option (to convert the NYSE:BABA shares to HK:9988 shares). If this would be possible, there is actually nothing to worry about for us holding the BABA ones


Can i ask you all an question :interrobang: cause what are you stressing for. Yes it may happen that baba will be delisted, but how big is that chance?Because DIDI will be delisted doesn’t mean that all Chinese stocks will be.

When you invest in Chinese stocks (like didi or BABA) you must always be AWARE of the risk you’re taking!

Don’t stress we shall see what happens! :ok_hand::+1:


“You must always be AWARE of the risk you’re taking!”

Which is the exact reason why we are discussing this…


Exactly. But that doesn’t mean that we have to be afraid now, because if DIDI didn’t take this news outside that the are gonna be delisted,would this topic never been made.

There is always a chance that Chinese stocks can be delisted. Why worry only now? Cause before the DIDI news, you should be aware of the risk with Chinese stocks ALWAYS

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I understand that we are talking about this, that is how it should be, but imo this is thinking in problems and in things we can’t get under control :+1::ok_hand:

Have a nice day!

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You are correct, we don’t have it under our control. But I think the question about “what if” can definitely be asked and I think Bux should also look into this scenario (whether or not it will play out) :blush:
I would also like to know what would happen with my Baba shares, just in case :sweat_smile:


Indeed! I understand that you all are curious :face_with_monocle:. I’m curious too! But eventually we shall see what happens next.

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