Request: BUX Crypto App

Misschien al gevraagd maar Is het mogelijk om Bux Crypto als app uit te rollen?
Ik merk dat ik inloggen op laptop/tablet als drempel ervaar, niet alleen om te investeren maar ook om koersen te volgen.
Ben een gebruiker van Bux Zero en zeer positief over het gemak hiervan…

Thanks for reaching out!

Currently, we only support a Web-app (mobile & desktop) that can be accessed via in the browser. A iOS and Android app will be developed in Q3/Q4 2021.

The number one result from the product survey we conducted was that our users would like to use BUX Crypto on an iOS or Android app, just like the other BUX apps. Therefore, we are going to build a native iOS and Android app! This will likely mean an integration of BUX Crypto within another native BUX app. For more info, read our roadmap here.

Rest assured, we are continuously looking into ways to improve BUX Crypto. Major updates and new cool features will be communicated through:

Make sure to keep an eye on them if you don’t want to miss any updates!