Request: BUX Zero Web Interface


I would like to see a web interface of BUX Zero.
Something similar as web WhatsApp. Don’t want to open the app all the time.

Thanks and have a nice trading day!


+1, very missing web platform here.

I would like to keep pulse on what’s going on with market during the day, but having always enabled phone or constant toggling mobile doesn’t really work. While tab in browser could serve this purpose very well.


Hey guys, I’m also a big fan of a web platform. Actually, the BUX Crypto platform offers both the mobile and desktop web platform option currently.

I’ve checked with the BUX Zero team and they also see the value of it. It’s not on Zero’s current roadmap, but we’re considering it :wink:

Curious to see if more people will +1 for this feature request in the coming weeks/months.


Plus one!

Also @Krypto-Kai, i was searching for a mobile app for crypto but i could not find it for some weird reason. I only get the Bux zero on my screen. Where to download is since i would love to go crypto aswell.


Ha, had the same.

BUX is awesome but it should work on consistency.
Same app design, same web interface design across all platforms and so on.

Also, never add too many functionality. Reason why people leave platforms is because of too many settings/options. Keep it clean and simple.


Bux crypto is currently only available af a web app. Native iOS and Android app is pland for (Q3/Q4 2021)

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+1 !
Web platform would be very nice :slight_smile:


Ive always wanted a Bux X webpage. Just so that I could log in while at work so Im not checking my phone regularly.

On the Bux crypto page, you can add the link to your phone homepage so it acts a little like an app. And add your login details to the autofill.

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+1 from me too, for both BUX ZERO and BUX , it need tohave web interface to keep the phone free, while constantly monitoring on web while working.


It would be very handy to have a website, it’s the one main thing that i miss!
Also, maybe some better charts where you can put on the EMA, SMA, RSI, …

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+1 for me as well :slight_smile: .

Hi everyone, we are still looking into the possibility of releasing a web interface. Once we have set a date we will communicate it directly with you guys :smiley:


Any update about this feature?

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Hi @TripleD, let me check for you! :smiley:

Hi @TripleD, we are still looking into the possibilities. Currently our main focus is helping clients with (partial) web onboarding. The next step will probably be a desktop version, I will let you know first once I have more info on this :smiley: