Request: eMagin Corp. Stock. $EMAN | VR uOLED Displays for Meta, Valve and Apple

Hey! Please consider adding eMagin Corp. ($EMAN) stocks to BUX Zero.

eMagin is creating the micro OLED displays of all major VR headsets from tier 1 brands in the very near future. Which will enable lightweight and small form factor VR headsets, suitable for the mass adoption of VR and powering the metaverse.

Their stock is severely undervalued at the moment and it’s a great stock to invest in.

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Hey @SamuelSh welcome to our BUX Community Forum and congrats on your first post :smiley:

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I just received an answer from the team. Unfortunately, we can’t offer eMagin Corp. because of the low liquidity (market cap under 100M).

Feel free to drop more stock requests in the future and let us know when you need anything! :slight_smile:


And thanks for the tag @Cobalt :facepunch:t4:


Thank you @Cobalt ^^

Sad to hear stock with relatively low liquidity can’t be added to the platform, since that’s where most volatility usually happens.

I’ll keep liquidity in mind before suggesting stocks going forward. Thanks for your reply and the warm welcome :heart:


Hey @SamuelSh can you share more information about the tier 1 brands? Because I can’t find anything about this yet. Only old rumors :blush:


Hey! Sorry can’t share anything concrete. Keep an eye out for all the new headsets coming in 2022, whenever you see a manufacturer using dPd (directly patterned) uOLED know it’s eMagin’s, since they’re the only ones with this tech.


For Apple, they expect it to be Sony… Tweakers - Wij stellen technologie op de proef

Not sure if Sony will use eMagin?

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