Request for Volta Finance

I asked for this one a while ago but unfortunatly BUX does not return any (yes/no/why) feedback.

As suggested to post it on the forum…, well, it’s here now.


Hey, @EBK let me check it for you with the team. I see indeed that Volta Finance is on our wish list.

Thanks for your stock request (again) :wink:


Hi @EBK , I want to talk about something, Tbh is the way you interact not the way we speak with eachother on the bux community forum, imo it looks like you are a bit irritated … But why?

Bux is a broker and they need time to make all of their and our ideas to be great! Sometimes it takes a while.

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We just checked and saw that there’s a low trading volume in Volta Finance which makes it harder for us to offer. Also, our market maker doesn’t offer Volta Finance yet. In case these two things will change in the future we can potentially add it to the BUX Zero app :slight_smile:

I keep you posted! And for next time feel free to do a stock request on the BUX Community Forum so I can keep track of the stock request status and give you answers within 24 hours :smiley:

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Thanks for the heads-up, i have this with another broker already but wanted move it later on.

Cornel, this request was done the official way sometime in December or January.
But no response, even when I mentioned it via the app’s chat.
No one wants to be left in the dark right?
At the end it was mentioned that I better post this on the forum.
This includes my feedback :laughing:

Don’t get me wrong, for some reason I am happier with bux than my previous broker.
I was thinking about writing something about that but it would be inconsistent I think.



No worries @EBK !

Glad that you are happier with BUX :pray:t4: Please let me know if you have any stocks request later on, you are always welcome :brown_heart:

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Ah ok, I understand your thoughts! My apologies