Request for Wise previously Transferwise

Wise will be directly listing on the London Stock Exchange in the near future. Will it be possible to buy this stock via BUX?

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The LSE is not available on BUX atm, and I don’t think think it will be their any time soon

Hi @fuzzybear! yes, @DaveyV19 is right about this. Unfortunately, the LSE isn’t available on BUX atm. But your stock request is very valuable of course, so I have noted it :smiley:

Is there a specific reason why you think the LSE will take a long time? Genuinely wondering, because I was thinking that the UK would be the logical next step after launching in Ireland. And launching in the UK would imply making the LSE available as well. Are the UK regulations more strict?

Yes was also wondering why you would think this. I would not make such a statement without knowing or having some kind of information to back this up.

Thank you, yes I did realise you are not listing any stocks on the LSE but there is always hope that this will change soon™ :pray:

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I think this because England is not member of the EU anymore and what I heard about it is that it is a very pricey exchange, and BUX is a zero commission app and if we want to have the LSE we have to pay for our orders… and that’s something what the most of us don’t want… I hope they will add it soon because of Samsung but I understand it is very hard to get the right license and data for this…

Not sure about the LSE but it won’t take long before bux zero enters the UK market. I guess it’s only a matter of time for the LSE.

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Wow, I was unaware of this site :open_mouth: is it new? Looks amazing!

I really hope so but I won’t see it coming before 2023 but it is such a nice exchange let’s hope you are right!:clinking_glasses: