Request: Materialise (NASDAQ: MTLS)

Hi @Fergus

Is it possible to add Materialise stocks to Bux Zero?
This is a Belgian company based in my hometown of Leuven, specialised in 3D Printing technology and research.

Thanks in advance!

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Hi @RS27 this is an interesting one! I just had chat with @JimiBUX who’s responsible for most of our stocks with his team. We need a little bit more information to see if whether we can add this stock on BUX Zero or not. So you definitely hear more from us asap! :smiley:

And thank you for your request! :pray:t4:

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Any news about this one yet? :blush:

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Hi @RS27! I just checked but unfortunately, we can’t offer this stock because it’s too liquid :slightly_frowning_face:

Oh, I didn’t know this could be a problem. I can imaging a broker wouldn’t offer shares of small companies which are very illiquid, since the price jumps up and down easily with every small trade. (To protect their customers from risky trades)
But when a stock is very liquid, this is a good thing right? I guess shares of big companies like Apple, Microsoft etc are also very liquid. Why would high liquidity be an issue? :relaxed: (I’m just curious :grin:)

@Fergus ? :blush:

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Oopsie, sorry forgot to answer @RS27 :sweat_smile:

You are right with this ^^

With big companies like you mentioned it’s a good thing indeed! :smiley:

Regarding Materialise we can’t offer atm, when this will change in the future I will ket you know of course :smiley:

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Hi @RS27,

I checked this stock for you again today. What Fergus means is that it is too illiquid, of course. However, it is not necessarily illiquid, the problem is that this stock can’t easily be borrowed. I won’t go too much in detail about this because it is quite complex, but unfortunately we cannot offer stocks that are generally not easy to borrow in the markets. Some things are in the works though, so hopefully we will be able to offer it soon. Until then, I will keep monitoring this instrument to see if it becomes easy to borrow, at which point I will be able to add it to our offering immediately. Hope this clarifies a little.