Rivian stock

I’m not really sure how adding stocks works with a new company, but I would like to request Rivian which should get a Nasdaq notation next month.

I would like to request this for Bux.


Hi @Starbucks you are at the right place! Thank you for requesting and congrats on your first post :smiley: I’ll keep you updated on this one, seems like an interesting company.


RIVN is trading on the Nasdaq per today, hopefully on BUX soon :slight_smile:


Can i ask you, why rivian is that hyped, cause they are 98 billion worth, without selling a single car. :sweat_smile:


I guess the biggest part is Amazon, Jeff Bezos and it launching the first EV Pickup Truck and “Classic looking” big SUV (Chevrolet Suburban/GMC Yukon-style).
Followed by Social media like Youtube, by taking some of the big US-based (tech) Youtubers on testrides.

I do understand that this is a hype stock with high risks.

Adding to that (also to BUX) as I pointed out in the first post that I don’t know how adding assets to the app works and if this is a risk to high at the moment due to volatility and thus posing a risk to the financial health of BUX by Rivian crashing after the initial IPO hype maybe it’s wise to wait a bit and maybe add it later.

I couldn’t find it on the website FAQ and/or this forum, but maybe it is an idea to explain the process of adding assets to the app (if possible), does it require an initial investment from BUX? Does high volatility pose direct a threat to the health of BUX? I have shares in BUX as well via their crowdfunding on Seedrs so I wouldn’t want to risk losing that because I wanted to jump on the hype train so to speak :slight_smile:


I get you!
Hopefully this one will be in the hype when you buy it.


Yah you should be careful with this one. Did Ford not release the first EV SUV? I think the car looks great but that does not make it a good investment. I don’t see much upside for Rivian above $100B valuation. That is my honest opinion :wink: A dip can maybe give you another momentum ride back up (as fast as it can go up it can also come down). Careful and good luck!


Hey @Starbucks heb je al de BUX Zero app gecheckt? :eyes:

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Yes, zag 't gisteravond al staan.


I will never really understand why people value a company that sells basically promisses/empty air at such lofty valuation.

Sure I might miss out on some great (relatively short term) gains but when the inevitable crash comes along, my positions also won’t lose 80% of their value in a short timespan.

That being said, I might then pick them up at the 80% discount or whatever they are selling at if there is some promise to them.


hear hear


Such a BS stock no branding like VW BMW Daimler and Toyota and how is it possibly more valued then all of those companies except Toyota when selling almost no cars……