S&P 500 VOO vs VUSO

Guys, so the S&P 500 index we can invest in on Bux is VUSO, is that the VUSO Amsterdam?
What is the difference with VOO? Is it merely currency or where they are listed, or are there other differences?
Or put in another way, can, theoretically, one go down severely and one go up?

(A lot of questions, sorry…)


I dont personally know, but never be fearful of questions. All kinds can help in the process!

In fact i am curious about your style of investing?

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(I assume you meant to say VUSA instead of VUSO)

VUSA.AS is listed on the Amsterdam Stock Exchange while VOO is listed on the NYSE. While they both track the same S&P 500 index, they will differ mainly in terms of their currency (EUR vs USD), expense ratio, and the taxes you’ll incur.

Both ETFs track the S&P 500 index . As such, they should have almost the same performance in the stock market. This is because both funds will have the same holdings in the same proportion.

Both VUSA and VOO are managed by Vanguard .

VUSA was started in May 2012, while VOO started in September 2010. With that extra 2 years and being listed on the US exchange, VOO has a much larger assets under management (AUM).

they are basically the same ETF and neither one is better than the other.
Since we (most of us I guess) are based in Europe, it’s easier for us to buy VUSA on the Amsterdam Exchange since this Exchange is open during our business hours, while the NYSE opens up at 15:30 and closes at 22:00 (Brussels/Amsterdam time).


@RS27 exactly, VUSA :astonished: - thanks for the information!