Savings plan not completed

Good morning,

Yesterday was the day my savingsplans should invest automatically. Partially it happend, but some (read 1/3 of all stocks) did not invest ‘because of a volatile market’.

Now I can understand this can happen. But to be honest, I don’t think yesterdag was such day. Even the Shell stocks were not bought. Amd they were not volatile in my opinion.

The worst part of it, I think, is that I had to pay the costs for the savingsplan completely. I know it’s just € 1,- per plan, that’s not that much. But it’s the principle, you can’t rely on the automatically savingsplan this way.

Are there more members who experienced such thing in the past? Does this happen a lot? Because then I better cancel these savingsplans.



Yes I experienced the same issue. Plan was executed; but not all stocks/etf were bought.

have you already reported this to CS via chat or email? Did it fail now because you didn’t pay $1 for the plan?

Yes I did immediately. The reason was that the partner of Bux had a fractional problem that day. Unfortunately this was only be told after I contacted Bux. The automatically given reason, was that the stocks were not bought because of a fluctuating market.

I could buy the day after with a Zero-order the missing parts of the investments plan, Bux responded.

I checked, but as far as I could see I could only buy whole stocks with a zero order. And not fractional stocks for these. So I let it what is was.

And yes I had enough cash in the wallet to pay the savingsplan including the € 1,-

So I paid the € 2,- (two different investment plans), but both were just being executed partly. It’s not about the € 2,-, but more the fact the investment plans do not work properly and the lack of pro-active information given after this problem.


thank you for sharing this info, very valuable info :+1:t3::ok_hand:t3:.

@YorickBUX, Would you like to take a look at this. It seems to me that BUX can improve something here in terms of information towards the user. And, BUX should buy the missing stocks without a fee when that is possible again. Agree?

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this is the reason why I am reducing my plan to finally eliminate it. I had ETFs not being bought in my plan. The excuse for market fluctuations I do not buy, especially for a core etf. They are promoting these plans, yet fail to execute them correctly. I dont even bother with support anymore. I just reduce my positions and will close my account

@YorickBUX :point_up_2:t3: