Share your favorite French stocks! 🇫🇷

Bonjour everyone,

We already discussed our favorite Dutch, Belgian, and US stocks. But we have still a lot to talk about!

Like most of you already know BUX recently added a wide variety of French stocks to BUX Zero. That’s why I was thinking of sharing our top 3 French stocks. Feel feel to share some stocks! :brown_heart:

À bientôt :wave:t4:


My favourites are

1.Danone Ofcourse
2.Alstom I really fancy business
3. Carrefour I just love hypermarkets they are so overwhelming

I would also like to give 2 extra stock some attention

Orange. Lovely provider with a huge business in france and soon in Africa
EDF. A nuclear energy powerhouse. Always good to have a utility

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The only French stock I currently own is Ubisoft.

It has been a bumpy ride since I bought it in May, but the last few weeks it’s really been making a comeback. In a few weeks
time it went from being down maybe 7% to being up 11% (today).

Edit: I just realised I also have pharma giant Sanofi since mid-August. But wouldn’t call it my favourite French stock yet, as it’s currently down :sweat_smile: Hoping for good news in the near future to give this one a push in the back.

Orange is on my watchlist as I still want a telecommunications company with a nice divvy, preferably non-US.


Personally I like Bolloré and Eutelsat.

Bolloré is active in automotive, communications and advertising, media and telecommunications. They score an A on the climate change score from CDP, which is a big plus for me. A big corporation with a very diverse portfolio.

Eutelsat is a corporation focussing on worldwide sattelite communications. They’re currently offering a Dividend Yield of 9,47%. You may wonder how healthy this is, but in my view it is a stable company with a good future.

I’m also looking at Carrefour, might be an interesting position for the future.