Share your YouTube recommendations! 📹

Hi everyone :wave:t4:

We already shared our favorite investing books but I’m pretty sure that you guys are not only using books to improve your investing knowledge.

So I was thinking that it might be a cool idea to share the best investing YouTube channels with our BUX Community!

Feel free to share some nice recommendations in the comments! :brown_heart:

BTW my favorite channel is our own BUX YouTube channel :sweat_smile: :rofl:

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Nice topic! For me, YouTube is an important source of knowledge and news about investing, and I think that is also the case for many.

Below is a brief list of channels that I regularly watch, broken down into English and Dutch.



It is, of course, important to think for yourself when investing and not to take advice from content creators blindly.

Looking forward to all the other recommendations! :slight_smile:


Before going into my favourite YouTuber’s make sure you always give your own thoughts on what they are saying. Very important to be critic, they will not always be right.

My favourite YouTuber’s are:

  • I like this channel for value investing and it is good for the basic understandings of numbers.
  • Joseph Carlson is a pretty good in explaining how dividend investing works. He likes companies with a big moat :smiley:
  • I watch Meet Kevin mostly for market openings and market news.
  • I follow Jeremy Levebre mostly to check his opinions on Corsair Gaming and Walgreens Boots Alliance.
  • As last ofcourse don’t forget to check out my youtube channel! I share my own investing experiences and portfolio. Sorry for the weird URL, need 100 subscribers for a custom one :’)

Hopefully they are useful to some of you. Keep learning everyday!

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I’m definitively with @Frisoke for the Everything Money channel. I’ve learned a lot from Paul and also enjoyed his reaction videos a lot. I do watch purely for him, I don’t use Mo’s trading strategy. Also, make sure when watching to remember that in the end, they are trying to sell you their software.

For trading I can recommend CryptoCred’s content. It’s focused on crypto, but PA is PA.

Of course I also subbed to you @Frisoke! Will watch some videos later.