Show closed positions


What I sometimes miss in the app is an overview of the closed positions. When you sell all shares of a certain stock or ETF, there is no longer an overview of the realized gain/loss for that particular share.

It would be useful if there is an overview of the unrealized profit/loss together with the realized profit/loss or the sum of both and in addition an overview of the closed positions eg as a tab at the very bottom of your portfolio or with the account value.

I know that there is an overview of all transactions in your inbox, but that is a bit confusing and cluttered, because it also includes purchases, dividend payments, canceled orders, etc…

Thanks in advance!


That’s a good one!


Yep plus a search option in the history inbox would be helpful, to filter by asset. For exemple to check all paid dividends from one company / ETF.
Similar to the transaction search balk in most mobile banking apps.


+1 for me