Small starter budget

Hallo good people,

Just a simple question…

What would you buy or invest in if you had a low starter budget like a €1000

Just curious.

Stocks that have proven to be quite stable over the years, most of them like Apple pay dividend aswell.

This gives/gave me a more secure feeling when i started investing, for a company like Apple or Tesla there has to be a mayor event to have a downfall. Even Amazon will not lose half of its worth that quick making these big stocks quite reliable for beginners. You can’t buy much sadly.

Apart from the securness from these stocks it gives a small but rather sure income for a bit, even if the dividend is small it can over time have a nice touch to the funds and individual has.

During this time you can see what kind of investor you are, it is not like you buy apple and become rich. It takes time, given this point you can determine what you want for the future. If you have an interest to keep going with the stockmarket you can buy reliable stocks and also learn about the market. Investing is best when you have a strict monthly budget and do it for at least 10 years. Which is not for everyone.

Personally I don’t think Tesla is a very stable company. It’s very volatile and almost doesn’t make profit.

The best companies to invest as a beginner are big tech/ blue chip companies in my opinion. Apple and Microsoft are good examples of those. Next to these you can invest in companies that have good revenue growth, pay a decent dividend and have a low p/e ratio.

As a starter diversity is also important. Going all in on one company or sector is not the best idea. Pick 5 companies out of different sectors and 5 out of a sector you know something about.

That’s how I started!


Buying only one company is a bit risky. So when that stock goes down so does your whole portfolio. Further the companies mentioned are all in the techsector. Again no diversification. You could try an ETF. Perhaps S&P tracker or a more dividend friendly ETF. It all depends on your strategy. More risk might lead to bigger awards. It might…

Thank you all for your reactions so far.

I personally thought about spending around 3/4 of the starterbudget on a promising on a ETF (Robotics and automation) and 1/4 on stocks that show potential.

What do you good people think about this idea?


Devide it into 10 pieces, put 100 eur in every trade, look for different sectors, like:

2 in technology, microsoft, facebook, 2 in oil like shell and schlumberger, 2 in indices like china50 and us500, 2 in travel like delta and klm, 2 in cosumer products like kraft heinz and pepsi.

This way if one sector goes up or down it doesnt hurt so much or you dont have to wait to take profits, and always try to buy on the dip or pullback, never buy when stocks or indices are up in angle of more then 25% on charts.

Just some small starting tips

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I do not know if you are Dutch and will understand this, look at this video on ETF’s. Posted just ,5 hours ago.

It is a video from BUX itself. ETF’s in my opinion are good and solid but dont spend all on one horse so to speak :+1:


Those are some good tips,thank you for that.

I will take a look at the video,luckily i am dutch so that won’t be a problem.

Now begins the search for low cost stocks that show potential for the future.

In addition to Betguardian, i would like to add that with a small (starting) budget of 1k, you would be beter of to invest in etf’s of the corresponding sectors. Those are priced lower than for instance 1 share of Microsoft that would cost you 200 euro, leaving not much money for other shares/etf’s.
By picking for instance etf’s of the UK ftse/

That sound like good advice,also on the long run i think that ETF’s are a wiser and safer option.

What kind of ETF’S do you all so recommend or do you find interesting?

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Ik vind zelf dat All world dividend van vanguard
En S&P 500 van Vanguard

Verder weet ik niet heel veel van de andere ETFs die BUX aanbiedt.

Weet alleen dat zij er vorige week of een paar weken geleden wel een video er van hebben gemaakt.

My current etf’s and shares ;

I try to keep etf to shares value ratio 3:1 and rebalance if necessary. In BUX X I have positions in gold and vix in case stocks would drop suddenly.

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Thanks for the tip,i will remember it!

I see that you have a diverse portfolio,do you have any future stocks or ETF’S in mind that you want to buy?

Good luck investing! My first advice would be; I see you are searching for low cost stocks. I understand the thought, as you say your starting budget is limited. However I would recommend to forget about values for a little bit and focus on the percentages you can gain or lose. The price of the asset doesn’t really matter in my opinion.

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First go with boring stocks (e.g Apple, Pfizer, Coca Cola, Shell) and ETFs (e.g S&P500, Eurostoxx etc.) you know, so you get a stable base choose some nice dividend payers and try to dollar cost average. Then when that’s all solid grab some growth stocks

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