Small unknown stocks

I’m really wondering which, for the great audience, unknown stocks and companies are your favourites?
Which companies (accept for Nio, already written lot about it) do you think have the opportunity to be the next Microsoft, Apple, Tesla etcetera? Maybe we can share our thoughts about this one.
Me personally, I read a lot about BeyondMeat, because they work together with Pepsico.
How’s your thougts about it?

I’m keeping a close eye on Quantumscape (NYSE:QS). They are working on producing Solid State Batteries. I think this will revolutionize the battery industry. Unfortunately though, it’s still not available on BUX Zero yet.

I’m also keeping a close eye on Traton SE (ETR:8TRA). It’s part of Volkswagen. Traton SE is the biggest competitor of Paccar. They manufacture trucks and are also working on E-trucks and hydrogen trucks. Unfortunately, also Traton SE is not offered on BUX Zero :pensive:.


Personally I think Darling Ingredients has a lot of upside. Relatively new in the app but happy about it being available

Wat voor voordelen? Ik heb gelezen over dit aandeel en het klinkt interessant met potentie!