Some app improvement suuggestions

Hey! I wanted to share a couple of things which I have in mind.

  1. See the history of operations also for shares which had been sold before (now it is possible only in common history).
  2. Filter common history by share name or operation type (buy, sell, dividends…)
  3. Sum of dividends would be very nice to have.
  4. Show share performance depending on currently selected time range. Say, if 1M time rage selected then the percentage right from the price will show gain/loss for the exact time period from -1 month till now.
  5. There are tags for each position (industry, market region). Why not use them in combination with the whole position to for a chart with summary of investments for a quick analysis? Would be very nice to see what percentage of all my investments does SPCE still occupy :smiley:

If you’d like to make it more social, it would nice to have a small social-media-comments-style-chat for each Stock/ETF using community accounts.

I had something more, but forgot it :slight_smile:
Most likely it is already suggested somewhere or you had thoughts about it, so I just collect it under one topic.


Nice suggestions !

Hi @gks thank you very much for you feedback! Means a lot :brown_heart:

As a community specialist at BUX I would love to see it more “social” haha :wink:

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Goed verwoord GKS

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