Some suggestions to improve the user experience

I noticed a few improvements to the apps lately, like the BUX Token charts being improved and the ticker symbols showing in the lists for all assets. Great improvements!

I have a few more suggestions to improve the user experience:

On the discover view, some buttons prevent a scroll when you swipe over them, causing unwanted button presses. For example, the Stocks / ETFs / Crypto button on top, the View all button in the Biggest movers today section, and the Get my free share button on the bottom. It might confuse some people when scrolling is prevented like that. It would be better if swiping over a button causes a scroll, because swiping through that view inevitably causes the user to swipe over those buttons without having the intention to press them.

Also, the news room page can be improved in by changing two things: first, opening news articles from 3rd parties like Yahoo Finance opens up a web view. These mobile pages tend to be slow and not designed well. They also show cookie and privacy related popups every time I open them. It really detracts from the user experience of the rest of the app. Opening a magazine article in contrast provides a much better user experience. It would be better if the contents of the articles from 3rd parties are extracted and shown in a more native view and not a web view. Second, even though the magazine articles load fast and are much prettier to look at, I notice that on the top right there is a user icon when you’ve opened one of the articles. When you press it, you have to go through a login process even though you’re already in the app. I’m not sure what the thought process behind that is, but I think that button could be either removed, or the login details of the user should be detected in the app so that they don’t have to go through a login process.

Overall I think BUX Zero has the best user experience on the market when it comes to buying crypto, that’s why I’m a loyal customer. That’s also why the suggestions seem like very small details. Still thought it would be worth a mention. Keep up the great work!


Hey @dogafincan!!
Thank yo for the compliments and also for the advices!! It is always super nice to receive you feedback for improving our products and you experience :+1:t3:


Hi @dogafincan, thank you so much for sharing your feedback. This is extremely helpful for our Design and Dev Team.

And of course, thank you very much for the nice words. As you know our team works extremely hard to make the user experience even better! :raised_hands:t4: