Star Wars Day - May the 4th be with you - Disney Stock

Hi everyone,

I want to wish you all a happy Star Wars Day! I know that there must be some Star Wars fans in here :smiley:

Also, as Star Wars is a part of Disney are there any BUX Zero users who have a Disney stock in their portfolio? And if so, why exactly?

I’m really curious about your thoughts on Disney.

May 4th be with you,



I hold a lot of Disney on Bux X. Mostly because I believe they’re stong competition to Netflix in the streaming business. I think the stock has continued to rise the past year just on streaming business developments alone whilst the parks have been closed.

As lockdown ends the travel and tourism industry will considerably boom, especially as data shows that public savings have increased drastically, and I think some of that could flow into Disney parks revenue.

Disney is a very strong company that has indeed risen mostly on the streaming service last year while the physical business has been largely ignored due to Covid.

Personally I think it’s a good company to own as now it’s become a growth story again with Disney+. I’ve not yet added it to my portfolio as I own other streaming players already and I’m diversifying in other areas first.

However, if a general market pullback or price drop occurs (not through fault of Disney itself) then I’ll seriously look at starting a position.

I think it’s a great stock. Having all the phisical places shut down and still perform is impressive. Disney+ is also going hard, with already 100+million subscribers. Once the parks will open up, it will give a boost. I expect that the price will increase


Exactly, I think they will also release some more movies later this year. Also, the cinemas will reopen soon right? So that might be positive for Disney as well :smiley:

Think some Disney parks already open again! Excited to see what will happen when they can welcome everyone in their parks again :smirk:

@Fergus thoughts on Disney earnings? Currently -4%, you buying the dip? I know I will be.

I bought the dip