Stock discussion: Nio

Would like to know what you guys think of the stock nio :smiley:


Ja zeer benieuwd, wordt toch als tegenhanger van Tesla gezien. Nu nog goedkope instap maar ik twijfel hierover. Hoe denken jullie over dit aandeel?

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Highly speculative. If you hopped in when it was at approximately $2 dollars, you would have made a killing by now, solely based on speculation. If you’re joining in right now, I think you’ll end up being the bag holder. It’s overrated, to say the least and has a very long way to go to even be comparable to Tesla or other manufacturers. Moreover, the EV-market is becoming overcrowded with established brands and newcomers trying to join the EV-circus. For anyone joining in on the EV-revolution at this point in time, I’d seriously recommend: invest in the bigger players (Tesla, Volkswagen, Daimler, BMW, etc.). Newcomers no longer have the headstart they’d need to outcompete the rest.

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momenteel wisselend, voor de lange termijn een goede investering.

Verdiep je in churchill corparation lees de laatste berichten opkomend nu nog maar 23 dollar gaat zeker de lucht in

@anon67361218 You name the following companies as a ‘seriously recommended’ brand: ‘Tesla, Volkswagen, Daimler, BMW, etc.’

I’m very curious why you list Volkswage. From my research I could do nothing else then conclude Volkswagen is a poisonous stock. :thinking:

@Cornucopia A bit of poison isn’t that bad. It’s not like a well-established company with such a long trackrecord will go from hero to zero overnight. If a company provides a decent product at reasonable prices, you’d be surprised how much they can get away with. Just look at the clothing industry: we all frown upon child and slave labor, yet we’re happy to keep buying those clothing brands, simply because the products look good and/or because they’re affordable. (By the way, I’m definitely not trying to say I approve of child or slave labor. It was just for the sake of argument :slightly_smiling_face:)

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Zeker een interessant aandeel, maar hoe stabiel zullen ze in de toekomst zijn/worden?

Hey RonP, could you please reply in English? :slight_smile: Thanks!

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Hey Steyn, could you please formulate your reply in English? :slight_smile: thanks

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That’s no problem Kai, we’ll speak in English next time.


Its a very intresting stock indeed, but what is your take on the future stability?

Hi @Steyn, you mean Nio? I don’t think Nio is interesting :smiley:. Or did you mean something else?

Nio is growing fast in the far east. i think Nio will be intresting and will grow much coming 5 years. they have a very healthy company, though making no profit yet. But tesla did the same couple years back.

and gasoline powered verhicles will be banned in the near future

I think Nio is the biggest opportunity of the coming year’s. Ev will be so big. Especially in China. There will be a lot of price fluctuation but that was/is also the case with Tesla (and compare the market cap now with 2 years ago…). Also Nio is focusing on the higher segment so Tesla and Nio won’t be direct competitors. I think these price drops are only good for Nio (and for us :wink:

Haha Nio drives me nuts currently-40% (all time)

Ouch! Sounds like you became the bag holder! Let’s hope for you that EV will rise again.

Yes, I just need to wait until Nio starts selling outside China. Patient = :key:

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Churchill is merging with apple dont be to late while its still cheap they will be the next tesla