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Like we mentioned in another topic, welcome to stock of the day. Anybody can tell here about there stock of tje day. Why it is an amazing stock and some nice info about it. I mentioned NN group in another topic. So my question is: who wants to have honour of today and highlight a stock. Maybe some of our well-known and highly respected members @Cobalt @Cornel @Fergus ?


I am buying Lemonade (LMND) today. Great buy under $90 in my opinion. LMND has a lot of potential to innovate the insurance market. Lemonade collects a lot of data which they use to improve their algoritme also they make buying insurance very easy. That’s why i am expanding my position in them.

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@Thomas_munnink allright that sounds amazing. So if I am right it is some kind of ‘independer’ in holland right? And 1 specific question. Do they give an outlook for when they want to be profitable? Cause it is an interesting stock for sure! Might do some research on it. Cause I also the potential in this stock u see!


Ik wil best een aandeel uitlichten hoor.

Zelf ben ik erg fan van PepsiCo. pepsico ken je natuurlijk van Pepsi cola (als er geen coca cola is) maar zij zijn ook erg bekend van alle Lays en Smiths varianten en doritos.

Zij hebben afgelopen maand hun cijfers bekend gemaakt en die waren echt meer dan goed!
Dit gaat naar mijn mening en denken alleen maar groeien (door corona natuurlijk ook erg goed gedaan want ja, wie keek er nou geen Netflix) daar hoort natuurlijk een chippie bij.

Door de inflatie kosten waar Amerikanen vooral van uit gaan en de rest van de wereld gaat de prijs van de cola en het chips ook omhoog. Terwijl de productie kosten nagenoeg het zelfde blijven. Dat is alleen maar + punten.

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I’d like to highlight one part.

I am a huge fan of PepsiCo myself. pepsico you know of course from Pepsi cola (if there is no coca cola) but they are also well known from all Lays and Smiths variants and doritos.

They announced their figures last month and they were really more than good!
In my opinion, this is only going to grow (by corona of course also very well done because yes, who didn’t watch Netflix) that includes a chippie.

Due to the inflation costs that Americans mainly assume and the rest of the world, the price of coke and chips is also going up. While the production costs remain virtually the same. That’s just + points.

(English version)


Allright @Cornel,

Dat is inderdaad een erg mooie stock! Ik ben er zeer zeker ook fan van. Kijk Mountain Dew (knaller in Amerika) ook. Erg mooie merken. Dit soort stocks hou ik zeer zeker van. Ik heb zelf pepsico niet in m’n wallet maar zou wel echt een stock zijn die ik opneem, en inderdaad om dezelfde als jij inflatie etc. Heb ik Kraft Heinz (toevallig vandaag gekocht ipv Unilever (te duur) ) maar pepsico helemaal met je eens. Kan alleen maar nog beter worden en een mooi dividend aandeel erbij. Is al dividend king? Of nog net aristocrat? Maar iig super mooie stock!


Ja, ik vind het inderdaad een zeer mooi aandeel. Ben ik ook wel echt blij mee. Heb er nu nog maar 2 maar ik ben van plan ieder kwartaal 1 aan te schaffen van Pepsi. Gewoon omdat ik er fan van ben.

Kraft Heinz heb ik ook inderdaad een tijd gehad, uiteindelijk verkocht omdat ik in mijn portfolio meer dan diversificatie wilde hebben.

Heb nu best mooie aandelen en dat wil ik graag zo behouden :+1:


Stock of the day: [DQ] Daqo New Energy Corp

Chinese company that together with its subsidiaries manufactures and sells polysilicon to photovoltaic product manufactures.

Today the company jumped 18% so far. Breaking out of its 20days moving average, which gives it a bullish trend.

The forward p/e is 9.6 atm. Which is not high for a fast growing company and industry.

Profit margin of 23,49%, which is pretty good.

Quarterly revenue growth (yoy) 51%
Quarterly earnings growth (yoy) 150%

They are issuing more shares which is not so good, because your shares will be worth less overtime. Hopefully they will buyback shares soon or stop issuing more shares when they make more profit.

Current assets < current liabilities not great but growing earnings will make sure they can pay off everything.

1 billion in property.

Free cash flow increasing rapidly over the last two years. Free cash flow (FCF) represents the cash available for the company to repay creditors or pay dividends and interest to investors.

Disclaimer: I’m not a financial advisor. Buying or selling a stock is your own responsibility. I do own shares of DQ.

@Frisoke allright that sounds like a potential multibagger. They have lot of work to do if I read it well but if they manage it well it’s a banger.

Bull of the day: DQ

Earnings announced today with unbelievable numbers.

From 133mil to 441mil in revenue over the last year.

Gross profit x3 over 3 months time.

Income from operations almost x3 over 3 months time.

Current p/e 20.

Management saying the next earnings they expect similar growth with the demand for green energy only increasing.

What is your opinion? Chinese stocks too risky at the moment? Or are we greedy when others are fearful?

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