Stock Request: CAMPINE NV Belgium (CAMB)

I’ve been begging for this for ages. Please add.

I added your stock request to our list. You will hear more about the possibilties next week!

Thanks. I’ll be following this up.

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Hi, @TheBigBlackGuy! I just checked with the operations team, but unfortunately, we can’t add Campine yet because we have no market data for this instrument. I will let you know when this might change in the future!

I’ve been following the company ever since i discovered it. I like all my stuff to be in the same place, ie: broker, thats why I’ve been waiting on BUX. Please help me out, i don’t want to be forced to leave :confused:

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Hi Fergus, do you have any information about Campine?

The price keeps going up and I’m unhappy that I’m losing out! Its a Belgium company based in Vlaanderen, and it’s listed. I don’t understand how or why you guys dont have it, it’s european/EU…



Dat is inderdaad erg zonde. Ik zie dat ze in het afgelopen half jaar +10 euro zijn gestegen ( dat had een flink rendement kunnen zijn)

Hopelijk brengen ze het gauw uit op bux voor je! Want het dividend is ook nog is leuk!

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Hey @TheBigBlackGuy that’s sad to hear :pensive: I really understand your thoughts of having all your stuff in the same place.

Unfortunately, I don’t have new updates on your request. Our team is working really hard to add more stocks and ETFs to BUX Zero. I will let you know of course when I have more info on Campine! :slight_smile:

Hi Fergus,

can you help me understand why its difficult? I mean, the Netherlands and Belgium are partners (Benelux), and both in the EU. Also, there are some Belgian stock being traded by Bux. Is there something about this particular company?

Thanks for your time…

Ja, en ik had toen in Februari 5k liggen voor deze investering. Heb ondertussen andere dingen gekocht, oa NIO, wat een goed investering is geweest. Maar die van Campine doet mij zeer pijn. Grrr.

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Snap ik

Wat is het precies voor bedrijf?

Het is een afvalverwerking bedrijf gelijk als Umicore, maar kleiner denk ik. Gevestigd in Beerse, mijn vorige woonplaats.

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Hi @TheBigBlackGuy & @Cornel,

Noticed some confusion around why we are not able to offer the Campine NV stock. Just hopping in here to provide some further clarification on this. Campine NV is indeed a stock listed on the Brussels Euronext exchange. You can see the live Euronext order book for Campine NV here. However, if you take a close look at the Euronext order book for this stock, you will notice that it is rather illiquid. There is a large spread, the order book is thin (and thus also very volatile, it just jumped from 40.20 to 38.40 in one tick), the stock has a low market capitalization (only 60 million) and in the intraday price table you can see that the product is often trading ‘in auction’, which means it is not in continuous (normal) trading. This basically already summarizes why we cannot offer this stock. The stock is too illiquid for us to offer it without having to deal with many technical complexities and errors in our app.

I am always happy to investigate whether we can offer a product, but unfortunately this is one that we cannot support for the time being. If you have any other requests, feel free to drop them here and I will see what I can do!

Hope this helps.

Best - Jimi
BUX Zero Operations


Thanks @JimiBUX !


Thank you for the detailed explanation, i get it now. Cheers.