Stock Request: CM.COM (AEX: CMCOM)

Hi, fairly new here.

I’ve requested CM twice already (maybe more). However it hasn’t been added to the app since. To me it doesn’t seem a hassle to add the stock to BUX, it’s homegrown after all (Listed on the AEX).

As seen elsewhere on this forum, I’d like some clarification.

To little interest, to hard to add, anything else?

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Probably hard-to-borrow. Check out this broadcast as well. It clarified it a bit more:

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Hi @HJM,

Jimi from BUX Zero operations here. Unfortunately we cannot offer this instrument right now. This has to do with the limited number of exchange venues that offer this product, which limits our options to provide accurate pricing on it.

Always happy to investigate other stock offerings for you. Just drop us a message or thread on this forum.


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I wanted also buy this stock and asked it several times. Will it never be available on the bux app? Thank you in advance! Greetings


Hi guys, just a quick status update: we are currently contacting our Market Maker. So we hope to potentially add CM.COM to BUX Zero once we received the data :smiley:

I keep you guys posted!

And congrats on your first post @Mvdk ! :tada:

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Hey guys, we just received an answer from our Market Maker. CM.COM should be tradeable on BUX Zero this Wednesday :smiley: