Stock request: Luminar, Fisker and Velodyne Lidar

Hey BUX team ,

Food for thought…
How about adding following companies :

  • Luminar Technologies LAZR
  • Fisker Inc FSR
  • Velodyne Lidar VLDR

Thnx !!


Hi @JimiBUX ,

I have seen in other discussions that you are taking care of new stock request . How about my proposal/request ?

Thnx in advance !!

Hi @ilir ,

Sorry for my late reply. I have added these to my list. Will check the possibilities later this afternoon and get back to you.



Good news and bad news. Unfortunately we cannot add Luminar and Velodyne to our offering right now. However, I was able to add Fisker Inc to our offering already. It will be available for trading next monday!

Feel free to throw more suggestions my way. Happy to investigate. Luminar and Velodyne may become available in the future, but can’t make any promises right now.


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Hi @JimiBUX ,

Thank you for the feedback !!

Looking forward for the other 2 stocks. If possible , please prioritize Luminar.

Best regards,