Stock request: Thai Airways

Any chance of putting this one on BUX?


Hey! I’ve added your wish to our wish list, so we can check if we can add this stock to our offering.

You can also request new products directly in the BUX Zero app. When you’re searching for a stock and it’s not available, you’ll have the possibility to request it. If you send us a chat message through the BUX Zero app with this request, we can also message you directly in case we add it.


Hi Jesse,

Top bedankt voor je reactie!

Groeten tom

Hi Koelak! I am Jimi from BUX Zero Operations. Unfortunately we cannot offer this stock at this time and I wanted to briefly explain to you why not.

In the US, this stock is only traded OTC, which stands for over-the-counter (you can also see in your pictures that quotes are coming from ‘Other OTC’). This means that the stock is not listed on the primary stock exchanges and that it can only be traded through special OTC intermediaries (OTC trading is often illiquid and volatile, which some people consider to be more risky). At this time, BUX is not connected to such intermediaries. If the company ever acquires a direct listing to one of the main US stock exchanges we can look into offering it again.

Hope this helps and keep the suggestions coming. We’re always happy to look into the possibilities!


Maybe you can add Platinum Group Metals