Stock request - Vivopower & Katapult Holdings

Name: Vivopower international PLC
Ticker: VVPR
Stock Exchange: NASDAQ

Name: Katapult Holdings INC.
Ticker: KPLT
ISIN: US4858591021
Stock Exchange: NASDAQ

Thanks :smiley:


Welcome @Elliott I will redirect you to our bux community man @fergus


Welcome @Elliott our team is going to look into your requests. I will come back to your post immediately once I have received an answer :pray:t4:

Thanks for tagging me @Cornel :brown_heart:

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Hi @Elliott

Unfortunately, these two stocks will not be available on BUX Zero. Vivopower international PLC their market cap is smaller than 100m which makes it harder for us to add and Katapult Holdings INC. is not easy to borrow for us.

I will let you know when this might change in the future :smiley: And if you have more requests you know where to find us :wink:

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Hi @Fergus,

Thank you for checking out. These two stocks are the only one i still have at one of your competitors, i was hoping to close my account with them and have everything at Bux.

But no worries, at least i know that there are reasons for not adding these two stocks. Maybe it will change in the future. No worries for now, thanks again.