Stock requests: Quantumscape and Traton SE

Would it be possible to add NYSE:QS and ETR:8TRA ? Pretty please with a cherry on top :cherries:

I think the faster way to get them listed is typing the ticker in the BUX Zero app and then when it gives no result, click the request button :wink:

Did that already, twice. But unfortunately…

Hi Cashcow,

I am Jimi from BUX Operations and I am currently reviewing your requests. I will need a little more time but from what I see now we probably cannot offer Quantumscape because of borrowing requirements (will confirm later) but may be able to offer Traton SE.

Will get back to you soon!


Thanks for replying Jimi :slight_smile:

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Hi @JimiBUX, how’s the research going? :slightly_smiling_face:. I’m very curious to hear what you’ve found out! Thanks for your help by the way!


Hi @anon67361218. I checked both these stocks and unfortunately I have to disappoint.

Quantumscape is currently not easy-to-borrow, which is a requirement for us to offer a stock at the moment. For Traton SE we do not have market data right now, which means we wouldn’t be able to price it. I am double checking with our custodian, but it looks like we are unable to offer these stocks at the moment.

Hi @anon67361218,

It looks like were in luck. I just received the new easy-to-borrow list and QuantumScape is on it. I will make preparations. If no unexpected issues arise, I expect this stock to be tradeable tomorrow (April 9th).



That’s great news @JimiBUX . Hopefully Traton will also be on the BUX easy-to-borrow list.
Out of curiosity, how does that easy-to-borrow system work by the way?

Hi @anon67361218,

easy-to-borrow has to do with securities lending. There are regulations we need to adhere to, to ensure that your stocks are not borrowed out unless we have all the processes for securities lending for the US in place (we are working on it), if a stock is not “easy-to-borrow” the custodian can not guarantee that it is not your stocks that are being lend out, therefore we cannot offer it to you (yet).

In this BUX broadcast episode, Stevan explains the concepts in a bit more detail: BUX Broadcast #4 | Waar zijn Ajax en GameStop? - YouTube

I hope this helps


I didn’t even know BUX had a broadcast, haha.
Love it! Very informative! I subscribed :slightly_smiling_face: