Stocks and crypto Synergy

I don’t think this is an improvement(big dislike) I prefer stocks and crypto separation in this tab. Maybe it is an option to switch crypto off(as an option) or another suggestion is to make 2 separates tabs 1 with crypto and 1 with stocks.


Totally agree with you

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Hmm, I personally don’t really care because I’m both a crypto and stock guy. But Maybe 2 separate tabs is a good idea for the people that ONLY do crypto, or ONLY do stocks.

That being said, I do like Yorick’s Philosophy of a good diversified portfolio having 10% crypto in it. And having everything together does encourage this diversification.

Maybe having the option to click on or off: Stocks - ETFS - Cryptos is the best solution. That way people see everything, but if they really dislike one of them, or are only interested in one section, they get the freedom to only see that. I think both your ideas are a viable option! :+1:


With most brokers, asset classes are separated in a portfolio, for instance stocks and ETF’s, so having them separated in BUX would be a good idea as well.

It makes your holdings more readable as well in an overview.


Personally I like seeing them together in the same place, as they’re all assets that we can invest in, and it’s good to see how their performances compare. And I’m saying that as someone who will never buy stocks or ETFs.

I think in this case BUX’s vision about the future of investing trumps some people’s dislike for crypto. I think one of the goals of BUX is to introduce all forms of investing to people, and this is the best way to do that. I’ve even looked at some stocks that perform well to see what kind of company it is. Wouldn’t have done that if assets were separated by category.


Totally agreeing with you @dogafincan


Well, I think you can’t compare them. And that’s my problem. Crypto is really volatile and stocks way less. Now you get situation that probably 80-90% of the products showing is crypto. And for someone who really is not interested in crypto is it really bothering.


Ye!! Stocks are way less volatile! Just look at Avenir Telecom’s graph, its been in the ‘daler’ list for the last 3 years! :rofl:

That was a joke btw… I get your point. But keep in mind Bux has like 1000 stocks and only 30 cryptos… so the chance that 80-90% will be crypto, is very small. I’m looking at it now, and there are a lot more stocks in the list than crypto (Including Avenir Telecom like always :joy:).

I would really recommend you to stop acting so allergic to crypto. I personally REALLY dislike dividend stocks (and the philosophy behind it), but I absolutely don’t care seeing a few of them in a list… If you don’t like them, you can just ignore them, not a big deal…

And while I agree you cant compare them, can you really compare a 5-10% dividend stock vs a big 0% dividend hyper growth stock that doesn’t make any profit yet vs a small cap/start ups? Yet until now they have all been on the same list.

But I’m not going to open that whole debate up again, you can see it all on Today we introduced cryptocurrencies to BUX Zero! - #35 by Mixer


By the way, I’ve been thinking: there’s a button on the top right where it says “See all”. If you press it, you can filter the category when you press one of the buttons at the top. So there is a way to filter for stocks (per country) and ETFs, but there is actually no button for crypto. I think they should add a button for crypto.

The unfiltered gainers and losers lists will tend to have the most volatile assets, but that’s not a bad thing I think, because that’s exactly what those lists are made for.