Suggestion: collaboration with famous youtubers

I think it would be a great idea to produce some videos with stock-focused youtubers.

One of my favourite is PPCIAN, he covers dividend stocks in specific. Maybe it would be nice to do a collaboration with him or comparable youtubers?

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Good idea, on the condition it’s only collaborations with people who know what they’re talking about. Too many “cowboys/cowgirls” among those investing and crypto YouTubers, unfortunately… I think it could even damage the Bux brand if they’d be associated with types with questionable reputations.

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The crypto community on telegram has been trying to do that for years, but it does not happen.

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Hey @roggers1985, thanks for your input :muscle: that can be a nice idea indeed, but I’m not sure we can make it happen in the short term. I will definitely pass the feedback to our team.


Hi roggers1985 ,

At BUX Zero I am responsible for the affiliate and partnerships program. I wanted to give you some insights in how I look at this topic and what we have done in the past.

As for PPCIAN specifically, if I browse quickly through his content I am guessing that he is from the US. With BUX being available in EU 8 countries at the moment there will be just a relatively small part of his audience interesting to us. Commercially speaking of course. And for him to promote us it would cost money. Either on a performance base (which for him won’t be profitable since only a small part of his viewers can actually join us) or on a fixed fee basis. Which would then be bad for us since we can’t make the majority of his viewers a customer due to their location in the world.

But the idea of course of working with youtubers is great. When we launched in Ireland we did some review video’s with Irish influencers like Malone Financial who we at some point also invited to our Amsterdam HQ Visiting Europe's FASTEST Growing Neobroker | BUX Zero 🇳🇱 - YouTube

More actively posting and using us is Victor: A French youtuber that posts a lot of video’s and uses our App.

In the Netherlands we also partner up from time to time with influencers. More often it will be comparison video’s between brokers. Or sometimes a more tailored video to BUX when we launch something new like Fractional investing:

But as yohhs rightly says. It is all about finding a balance and the right youtuber to work with. Some change brokers that they promote more often then a normal person changes their underwear just to earn money by letting people switch brokers all the time (and the influencer earning a commission for that). Or influencers that are leaning to much towards giving Financial Advice. Which they more often than not are not qualified to do.

The standpoint is, yes we want to work together with youtubers but the content does need to match our values and help people do more with their money. Not a quick commercial hit and run approach with sketchy partners. We of course want more clients to use BUX Zero but they need to do so for the right reasons.


Thanks for the detailed answer @Daan, and I agree with your considerations. It’s important for BUX to associate with people that have good reputations and align with BUX’s image as a company that people can trust.


No problem at all dogafincan . Happy to discuss it. Influencer marketing in the financial world is a tricky thing. Results can definitely be good with the rights partners but we do need to always proceed with caution due to all the regulations and the fact we talk about peoples money.

In the retail vertical it’s far easier to work with influencers. You buy something the influencers promotes. Don’t like it in the end and you can always return it. No harm done. But with peoples personal finances we need to be careful and educate.