Sustainable stocks

Duurzaamheid is de toekomst. Welke duurzame aandelen raden jullie aan voor de langer termijn?

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Before I even attempt to answer this, maybe you could answer my questions:

  • What do you define as ‘duurzaam’?
  • Why do you think that (your definition of) ‘duurzaamheid’ is the future?
  • What is your investment goal for these ‘duurzame aandelen’?
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Hey Pieter, could you please formulate your post and comments in English? Thanks :slight_smile:


There are many sri and esg etfs/funds you can lookup for inspiration

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Sustainable is a pretty vague term to be honest. Sustainable as in “Green” or sustainable as in “the company can sustain itself”? :slight_smile:
I know you probably mean “Green” but still, it’s important to make the distinction.

Personally as far as “Green” investments go I hold various positions in US utilities that are green/transitioning to green and also in for instance Brookfield Renewable Corp.
I also own GE which manufactures wind turbines etc.

However I’m not hypocritical so I also hold Shell for the moment as they are trying to make a shift to green and do LNG projects (which is more sustainable).

I’m not jumping on board the hype-train for solar players or Tesla etc. because they are being green. Problem is that they are trading at unsustainable PE ratio’s and thus stand a good chance of correcting again. Maybe after they correct to sane valuations I might pick them up.


There is a lot of discussion possible within the word ‘sustainable’, indeed.

To make it even more complex: in my book → ‘Green’ ≠ ‘Sustainable’.

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