Tesla (TSLA)

Surprised to see there wasn’t a TSLA topic here yet. Kicking it off with a visual of Tesla’s income statement for fiscal year 2022.


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This image is a bit distorted, it only shows a revenue growth/breakdown, I think it is way more interesting how the margins develop (which is really bad) and their marketshare, they are still a small manufacturer, 1,3 M vehicles which almost 50% smaller then BMW which is a premium brand and tesla is obviously not. I am curious how tesla is going to develop but it is not going in the direction because they choose quantify over quality and I think that will cost them a lot in the future eventually

I have no dog in this hunt (neither long nor short), though I personally believe TSLA 1) can be accused —at best— of shady accounting practices; 2) that established car manufacturers will ultimately outcompete them, and 3) that its CEO is a carnival barker.

I don’t believe the graph intends to distort anything. It merely visualizes an income statement, presumably one that TSLA produced per SEC requirements. Whether the reporting itself is dubious is another question…

Tesla is kind of stock which attracts many retail investors who don’t understand it’s massively overvalued. But Elon richest man alive so Tesla must be good investment I imagine they are thinking.

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