The 10 most-purchased stocks & ETFs on BUX Zero in December 💸

Which stocks and ETFs were the most popular among BUX Zero investors during the last month of 2021? Here are the top 10 most-purchased products in December.

1. S&P 500 ETF (Vanguard)

The S&P 500 is the major index in the US, containing 500 of the largest names on the stock market. As a company, you have to meet a number of criteria to be included in the index. For example, you’ll need a market capitalisation of several billion dollars. This ETF is widely diversified across the American economy and is generally one of the most popular assets on BUX Zero.

2. TUI

The new Omicron variant emerged in December to throw the travel industry into even more chaos. We saw lots of news about outbreaks on cruise ships, as well as the effectiveness of vaccines and other measures. The demand for travel took a hit, at least in the short term, and TUI stock went through some volatility. Investors used this opportunity to take advantage again in December. Everyone is expecting a strong comeback for tourism in 2022, but how do you think it will play out?

3. NIO

Nio is a Chinese electric vehicle startup based in Shanghai, often considered a competitor to Tesla. It’s interesting that NIO made it into the top ten last month, but Tesla did not. Even more so considering that Tesla announced record-breaking new delivery figures. Still, investor interest in NIO was apparently greater!

4. Shell

Petroleum stocks like Shell often move when something big happens in the oil market. And the price of oil has quadrupled since the beginning of the Covid-19 crisis. From around $20 in April 2020 to just under $80 for Brent crude. If you don’t want to invest directly in commodities like oil, you can get exposure to the market through stocks like Shell.

5. Avenir Telecom

Avenir Telecom is a telecoms company based in Marseille, France. It’s also very active in Spain. The company more than doubled its sales in the first half of the financial year (April – September), and it reached €21.2 million in sales at the end of September. A new strategic partnership with Thomson also brought the company some positive headlines, and plenty of new cash too.

6. Automation & Robotics ETF (iShares)

This ETF includes approximately 120 companies in the artificial intelligence and robotics sector. It includes microchip makers like NVIDIA and AMD. Incidentally, this ETF was among the top five most-popular ETFs on BUX Zero during most of 2021. And the demand is clearly still high going into the new year.


As you probably heard, there’s a global shortage of microchips right now. The electronic components found in your phone, car and laptops are in high demand since the pandemic forced everyone to go digital. ASML sells semiconductors, so you can imagine they’re getting a lot of orders (and they can even increase prices).

Semiconductor stocks have been rising across the board lately. However, there has been some bad news for ASML. A fire in the Berlin factory caused fear among investors that there could be further delays and bottlenecks. Keep your eye on this one going into 2022.

8. Air France-KLM

Similar to TUI, airlines have been rocked by news of the recent Omicron variant. Will we finally see the demand come back in 2022? Either way, the volatility made Air France-KLM one of the most-bought stocks on BUX Zero in December.


9. PostNL

PostNL is a Dutch delivery company, but it also serves a wide range of e-commerce services. The rapid rise of online sales during the Covid period has helped spur PostNL’s business. And the stock gained extra demand in December during the run-up to Christmas.

10. Apple

Apple stock is always in high demand, but this month was particularly special. The year was a turbulent one for Apple, but we saw the introduction of the iPhone 13 which – as expected – continues to push the boundaries of smartphones. The company also made headlines as it surpassed $3 trillion in market capitalisation, making it the most valuable company in the world. For context, Apple is now more valuable than Walmart, Disney, Netflix, Nike, Exxon Mobil, Coca-Cola, Comcast, Morgan Stan

Period from November 28, 2021 to December 28, 2021 based on the number of customers who purchase the product.



Crazy to see that I have almost no correlation with my fellow investors… just Shell. LOL


Same, it’s only over-valued tech names or dubious travel related stocks (dubious because we still have a pandemic and lockdowns).

I imagine that by the time articles like this will show the stocks I’m currently investing in (under-valued sectors), I will be busy lapping up the over-sold tech names.

In that way it’s a good sign that articles like this don’t show what I am buying, means that things are being overlooked :slight_smile:


No GameStop or AMC. Bux investors are more conservative than I thought. Well done :smiley:


Exactly! That’s what I am thinking aswel. Just dive in unpopular names for now


Conservative? Did you read the article…… hype tech and travel stocks?


Agree there are some speculative stock there. Especially Avenir Telecom. Seems like a gamble to me. Like investing in Doge coin. Which is also worth far less than a dollar per coin. I guess they are hoping Avenir goes to a dollar as well. Doubt it wether any research has been done. You will always have investors wanting to get rich yesterday. It’s human nature. Still could have been worse.


Agree! There are some interesting stocks. The companies are nice but I think the point of valuation is overlooked. Let’s take asml they want 40 B revenue in 2030 if I am right. You can’t pay 8x the potential revenue of 2030 and with the profit margin nowadays around 30% so that’s a p/e between 20/30 in 2030… I think that’s way to much. And this is the situation with 0% raise in marketcap. ASML is a nice company but considering these numbers at least 40% to expensive IMO. They don’t pay much dividend with this valuation (good dividend growth) but nothing*nothing is still nothing