The BUX Token


I came across the BUX Token on kucoin, i started my research about it and since there is no telegram community i landed here.

This community forum seems a bit outdated and not really active, i found some informations about the BUX Token but its not much, could anybody here update me about the utility of the token or is it just a dead token that wont get any attention in the future. The supply seems good and at the first look it seems really undervalued but like i said if there is no utility then its worthless to dig deeper.

Thanks in advance

I believe this is the Telegram community you are looking for: Telegram: Contact @buxcommunity

So you’re not really sure what the token does, yet you say it looks undervalued? Why should it have any value at all, if its use isn’t even clear? Just curious how people put a fair value on something like the Bux Token.

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Evening all, any updates on how the token’s utility is progressing?