The dividend overview is awesome

Today i was missing one of my favourite features, the extensive dividend overview BUX offers.
I was just about to send some feedback when i found out that the button was moved to the newsroom.
That would be the last button below in BUX.

Please don’t remove this feature, i use it daily to check for updates.
Maybe a ‘changes’ information button would be nice since i go all over the list from beginning til end to checkout changes and addings.



Is there an option to show only the dividend on this calender from the companys we have, or is this something what could come in the futre?


Yeah I’ve pointed this out many times on here and also in private conversations with BUX staff. Dividend calendar showing all dividends from all companies is rather useless as a tool.

The portfolio view should give you a calendar of upcoming dividends for the stocks YOU own just like every other broker does.
Investors do not care much about dividends for stocks they don’t own, it’s ballast information. A feature just for the feature’s sake.


The full list gives me a way to find new stocks based on dividend percentage.
Of course, filtering here would be nice.
I also mentioned a portfolio filter on the highest gains and losses page.
Currently I have to toggle between daily and total change.
(Oh boy, did I just repeat myself? :wink:)