The Netherlands should ban cryptocurrencies

The Netherlands must ban crypto currencies as soon as possible before the ‘invitable crash’ happens, according to Pieter Hasekamp, the director of the government’s economic think-tank CPB.

What is your opinion on this news?

David da Silva Rosa of Ledger has written a nice thread as a response to it on Twitter

If this is indicative of the fiat immune systems response btc is clearly gaining ground unimpeded and they’re clearly clueless about what’s hitting them

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this statement from Pieter Hasekamp is baseless, here in the Netherlands we abide by the EU laws regarding crypto assets and regulation, given the legal difficulities around cryptocurrencies it will most likely be impossible to ban it completely, if any nation in the European union does not concur.

in the European union we have a free market principle and a ban on laws that give place for an unfair market advantage. This statement has no value whatsoever if the EU does not support it. And given their stance on cryptocurrencies I think a complete ban will be highly unlikely.

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