The waste business


With recycling and circular becoming more and more common in the (Western) World I was wondering what your view is on the waste industry.

With more and more waste streams becoming a resource/commodity for new products like plastics for new plastics or even organic waste for natural gas, what would be companies to look at? What about electronic waste (e-waste), I’ve seached the internet but that didn’t make me any wiser with regard to companies covering this part.

Not really looking for investment advise like “you should buy this stock then” but more of a list of companies in the waste industry that might have potential and the view on this forum on the waste industry.
I think especially the e-waste could be interesting with all the precious metals inside our ever growing use of electronic devices up to even cars?




The problem is the world isn’t even ready for electric cars, let alone for the waste that comes from it, if a windmill or an electric cars is totally finished it goes on a big pile of waste, it isn’t recycled at all at the moment.

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you mean likely this sort of companies?


Wasn’t aiming with e-waste at EV’s only but also smartphones, laptops, tablets, everything we replace and/or throw away because it’s broken or just because a new model came on the market.
Also waste in general, companies that process your “PMD” (Dutch term) for example, I think we’re just on the beginning of a phase where waste becomes valuable as a resource and is no longer considered a nuisance which needs to be burried in landfills or burned for energy.

But that is also why I started this topic, hoping to discuss this, maybe I’m wrong in thinking we’re just in the beginning and the industry is reaching maturity already.

As for EV recycling, it is still really small. but batteries of the early EV’s (Primarilly Nissan Leaf and Renault Zoë) are being used in (home) storage batteries after they are no longer powerfull enough for high power demand in cars. The Amsterdam Arena is partially powered by stored Solar energy in old Nissan Leaf batteries for example:

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