Tools of the trade

Hey everyone,

This time a question about tools.
The most obvious tool I use right now is Bux Zero off course.

But what tools / information channels do you guys use ?

Tools I am trying or checking out at the moment :

portfolio tracking :
yahoo finance website
Delta App
Sharesight website
IOS Stocks app

Information :
yahoo finance website

Anyone have tips/tricks/tools to keep track of stocks, analyse stocks or get advice on stocks ? preferably free off course, but am also looking into possible low cost tools that could pay themselves back on good tooling that benefits my future trades

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I chart on, and to scan the markets quickly I use

Also I’d advise you to not pay for stock advice, and don’t take the buy/hold/sell advices from big banks too serious. Combine all information you find, and always form your own opinions.



Other information sources
Google News app (you can subscribe to any news/blogs/etc. that are posted online about certain topics/companies)
Investing (app)
MarketBeat (for the analyst coverage) (website)
Beursgorilla (website)
Nakedshortreport (website)


Yahoo finance I use for tracking and information.

Next to that I use Zacks, Seeking Alpha en Tipranks for research on stocks.

Also reading: De tijd.

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