Transfer from or to another broker

It would be great to at least have the option to move your stocks to another broker, of move stocks from another broker to BUX.

Let’s say after a few years you want to switch to ABN Amro or De Giro

Or lets say you want to move from DeGiro to Bux

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It’s already possible to transfer you portifo to bux. So The other way around would make sense as well

Yes, like @Mike1 said: Can I transfer my existing portfolio to BUX Zero? : BUX Zero

Please note that nearly all brokers don’t charge anything if you move your portfolio to them, but charge you through the nose if you want to move your portfolio away.

Even with brokers that charge fees when buying stocks, it’s generally more cost efficient to just sell your entire portfolio at broker A and then buy the same portfolio again at broker B. Which coincidentally is probably also why they charge these asinine “moving” fees.

As an example, DEGIRO charges you €100 per position to transfer your portfolio away, so if you have 30 stocks you are paying €3000 in moving fees, if that is not asinine I don’t know what is.

This is why I say, just sell all your holdings and then buy them with your new broker.


@JPeters Yup, those fees are really criminal.