Transferts de crypto depuis/vers BUX…

Bonjour ! J’utilise BUX depuis quelques mois et je déplore le fait de ne pouvoir transférer des cryptos d’une plate-forme vers et depuis BUX… quand allez vous rajouter cette option ? Merci

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I haven’t not yet buy crypto but it’s a petty because it is not to secure your cryptos on a cold wallet…

I also check this page

and you have on it for cryptos 0 fees for Deposits & Withdrawals…

Hi @MikaPat Correct, currently there are no crypto deposits or withdrawals in BUX Zero. This is on our wishlist as we also see it being a very useful feature, but we can’t confirm any timeline just yet. We’re currently very busy in the background working on utility for the BUX token and improving our overall crypto offering.

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@Ataridos Well spotted, this was a bit confusing showing a ‘‘0’’ under Crypto. We’ve made a small adjustment to take away any impression that we offer crtypto deposits/withdrawals. :facepunch:

D&W is not gonna happen this year.

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