Tui market orders continually getting cancelled

Good Afternoon I have just heard from my better half that her market orders for TUI are continually getting cancelled. She is also unable/does not want to contact customer service due to the long waiting time that is mentioned in the app.

@YorickBUX What is going on with your company, app and customer service at the moment? This is becoming a bit concerning.

Hey @fuzzybear,
This is most likely caused by some downtime we experienced earlier this week due to the migration of the crypto platform to BUX Zero. This is now pretty much done, but some clients might have been affected during this process, especially some clients that had limit orders outstanding that might have been executed while we conducted the migration. Due to this migration the response time from CS is a bit longer than usual as well. Apologies for this.
Hope this helps. Happy to help out where I can!

Unfortunately limit orders are not the problem in this case. It would be good if one of your team could take a look why market orders are not going through on TUI for my wife. She has been trying several times this afternoon.

More than 12 attempts now, no reaction from support on the chat in the app for more than 2 hours. First message in the chat mysteriously disappeared. Hopefully a better day tomorrow :frowning:

Hey @fuzzybear I would love to help but we have hundreds of thousands other clients and with the name “fuzzybear” it’s difficult for me to locate the account and prioritise this with the team. Can you send me an email with your credentials maybe? Just send it to
Thank you!

Just sent an email hopefully you have some time to read it :wink:

Great email. Just read it. Give me some time to discuss some of the items mentioned in your email and come back to you asap. Thanks for being such a loyal and dedicated client. Much appreciated!


Just to inform the problem appears to have been solved. Still no contact in the app from customer support but the market order went through this afternoon. Hopefully the CS team find the time to catch up and react to the customers. :crossed_fingers:

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Hi @fuzzybear thanks for the update :pray:. We’ve also seen in the support chat that your partner had confirmed it’s resolved. We still do not have full understanding as to why the orders were being rejected but luckily it looks to have been a temporary issue.

Let me also apologise for the time it’s taken to get responses from support in recent weeks. The team are working extrememly hard to get through an increase in volume and we hope to be able to provide a faster service again very soon. Have a good week!

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