Unable to sell some items?

I’m trying to sell all stocks and ETFs to be able to leave BUX (because the announced maintenance fee).

I have a few items that I’m not able to sell (easily):

I have one ETF “Emerging Markets Eastern Europe ETF (iShares)” which has status Trading Suspended since war in Ukraine started. How do I sell ETF which has status “Trading Suspended”?

I have one Avenir Telecom stock left (after the reverse split 80->1 in oct 2022) which I cannot sell using a Zero Order. The only option is selling it using a Market (or limit) order. In that case trying to sell 1 stock with a value of € 0,28 will cost € 1,50 (?).

How can I sell these stocks/ETFs?

If a stock/etf is suspended, you are just stuck. Or maybe somebody wants to buy it via otc but that is not available on BUX. And yes the avenir is just lost money