Uniper nationalised?


So I tried to make a small gamble in Uniper. Now there is talk that the German government will nationalise this company.

What happens to my stocks in that case?


Depends I guess, are they buying out the shareholders to nationalise it or are they simply taking it over communism style…Then you get nothing.

Indeed like mentioned above… I don’t think it is gonna be bright for you…. Uniper will go bankrupt without support from the government… I think it is going to be like SNS reaal. Or best case a really small offer… their is also a chance that they will increase their stake to 50+ but it is up to the German and Finnish government considering the stake fortum owns in uniper

Happened to EDF. French gouvernement nationalizibg the company. They’re buying the stocks at 12€ while the stock was valued around 7/8€ before.
Look at EDF to see what the line look like.

I keep holding some stock to see what happens

That’s a totally different story and not comparable