Update Coinmarketcap and Coingecko page

Hello everyone,

I would like to request an update for the coinmarketcap and coingecko $BUX listing. The information listed on these sites is mainly outdated.

This information is outdated for both coinmarketcap and coingecko:

  1. The listed site
    On both sites the visitors are reconnected to the crypto website, instead of the bux zero website.
    Since Bux Crypto is discontinued and the Bux Crypto site contains significantly less information than the bux zero website, I would suggest changing the listed site to the main site instead of the bux crypto site

  2. The reddit page
    Currently the mentioned reddit page is from Blockport. The most recent posts are about Blockport being bankrupt and being sold. There is also some spam there. Does definitely not look good for potential $bux token buyers.

  3. The telegram announcement group
    The telegram announcement group from Blockport is listed instead of the bux announcement group.

This information is outdated or incorrect for coinmarketcap only:

  1. medium link
    The medium link is medium.com/@BUX, which hasn’t been updated since October 2019. The most recently updated medium site is medium.com/inside-bux, which contains two interesting posts of August and September 2022.

  2. Circulating supply
    On coinmarketcap the circulating supply is 57,904,773.45 BUX, which is outdated. On coingecko the circulating supply is 64,853,973, which is consistent with the announced numbers on the seedrs investment page.

This information is outdated or incorrect for coingecko only:

  1. Whitepaper link does not work and is from blockport
  2. Facebook link does not work
  3. Github page
    Latest commit is from 28 January 2018 and is from blockport.
  4. Bitcointalk dot org link
    This is a forum which discusses blockport and is not relevant for anyone who wants to buy BUX.

As a further remark, on both sites Bux Crypto twitter is mentioned.
At this moment it may be even better to not mention a twitter page at all, since both twitter pages are dead and, in my opinion, this negatively affects the perception of the $BUX token.

I would really urge to update the information on coinmarketcap and coingecko.
Potential $BUX buyers will visit outdated, inactive, broken or blockport information when researching $BUX. BUX has a lot to offer, but the coinmarketcap and coingecko page are not representative and are undermining the many great things BUX and the $BUX token has to offer.

Thanks in advance and look forward to receiving an update from the BUX team!

Kind regards,


Thanks for reporting! I will forward it internally so it can be taken care of.


Any updates?

No, not really. We’ve contacted Coingecko and CMC but they still haven’t changed it. Will contact them again.


I tried contacting them as well, and I received the answer that getbux.com/bux-crypto should be redirected to the correct url instead of them changing the url.

So, the stated domain on CMC and coingecko, getbux.com/bux-crypto/, should redirect to getbux.com, instead of bux-c.com.

In that way CMC and Coingecko do not have to do anything, and potential interested purchasers of the BUX token get to the right site immediately.

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