Update fractional shares

I was wondering about an update regarding the fractional shares feature and more information regarding this. Will these fractional shares become a CFD or does one really own the (fractional) shares? If the fractional shares are CFD, what about when you purchase i.e. 1.25 shares? Are only the 0.25 shares CFD in that case?

Would appreciate an update regarding this, if any timeline is available would also be great. Currently BUX0 is my secondairy broker, the fractional shares feature could be a huge game changer to make BUX0 my primairy broker.



@Fergus got an update on this? Quite curious myself to be honest.


Hey guys @dint @Cobalt thanks for the reminder. Let me check with our product team tomorrow! I keep you guys posted :grin:


Any new info yet ?


Hi guys, unfortunately, I don’t have new info on this one. Currently, our main focus is on the integration with crypto.

Shame, I would imagine that having the first movers advantage on fractional shares within the EU would be more important than crypto, which you already offer in a different app…


@JPeters, fully agree! this would be an unique selling point for Bux0. As mentioned in my initial post, fractional shares would be a big consideration for me to use Bux0 as my primary broker.

@Fergus, even though the focus is currently on crypto integration, I cannot image this integration means there is no update regarding the fractional shares topic…

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@Fergus, any update?

Still working on it! I Will communicate with you when I have a new update :smiley: