Users foresight

Hello everybody, Welcome!

I think it is fun for everybody to tell their foresight in de economy for the next 5 years… (example I think that electric will be mainstream so that’s why I think tesla/nio will be an amazing stock)

I will start…

I think growth stocks won’t increase much and I think crypto will crash within 5 years

Let me know what you guys think for a trending topic for the next 5 years

Hello, good question and a fun topic.

I think Crypto in the way we know it will not really exist in 5 years. It was first meant to make sure not one person has to much control on the market but then the example of Mr. Musk came along. One tweet can have a butterfly effect. It is kind of sad to see the value of Bitcoin compared to last Oktober.

I think there will be a new version of it but more controlled by brands and companies.

Also looking at the world politics status i think some markets will collapse or crash so to speak, making gold more valuable for example. China and the US are now the big guys and Russia will make a comeback with either something new or huge investments in technical companies.

I think there will be conflicts around the border of the former Sovjet Union. Such as Ukraine and India, possibly northern China aswell. Influencing the world economy in a bad manner towards bussiness. China has never been this influencial and such as all toddlers coming to age they will look to see and find out where the boundries are. (Nothing bad meant towards China but it is a refference i like to use). Investors will probably need to look at standards types such as Gold to maintain their funds.

Looking at the above it think there will be a combination of the two. Due to conflict and the changing world of politics i think people will resort to more sustainable forms of moneyflow. Such as a new version of Crypto and gold.

When all this will come to pass within five to ten years there will probably be a new economical world crisis.

“When the new meets the old, it always ends the ancient way”.

I look forward but i am also a bit scared of what might happen. I expect to see hackers and data corruption on the world of online money, making it more unsafe then ever.

Looking at the world and sustainablity, such as green energy. There are two ways in my opinion. Either the west and arabia will expand the differences in riches between them and poor countries such as some in africa. An example is that the SDG’s (Sustainable Development Goals) by the UN was already impossible for about 65% of the countries from the day the contracts were signed. Only the rich countries will be able to make the goals, making sustainability a monopoly for the big guys and not the small ones.

Or countries like China will extend their political power towards south asia and africa ( already kinda happening right now).

Economic powers will use their influence to “help” the smaller countries. Economy is possibly the new version of colonialism in the future.

Bit long of an answer but i hope it does not all sound bad :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:


Allright that’s a scary but very interesting foresight! Indeed I see an Chinacoin eurocoin and a dollarcoin coming in the near future… I hope africa can develop on its own cause the prediction is that in 2100 50% of humankind is african so I think will be born lots of smart innovative Africans and can help africa develop