Vegan Brands

Hello everyone,

I stepped into the stock trading business with the intent to focus on vegan products as though I’m one myself. Studying the pros and statitics of Veganism over the past few years, I read some statistics of the amount of vegetarians and vegans growing exponentially in the past few years. (pretty obvious nowadays) One of those statistics pointing out the 600% growth in number of vegans in the U.S. between 2014 and 2017.

I bought a decent amount of shares of Oatly in the dip that happened a few days ago. Reading up on their new factory in China and elsewhere, their prospects for the future are promising. (See link below)

(Q4 2021 EPS Estimates for Oatly Group AB (NASDAQ:OTLY) Cut by Oppenheimer - American Banking News)

Then there’s Alpro, an originally Belgian brand (where I live, but I’m Dutch). Available under ‘Danone’ on Bux.

Tattooed Chef is another I hold a few shares in but I’m waiting for another dip to purchase some more.

My question is: Do any of you have any knowledge in regards to other brands available on Bux that are focused on a plantbased crowd? Any insights, pros and cons, brands I’m not familiar with, etc is welcome.

I barely made anything as it is right now as I’ve joined my first broker (Bux) just a week ago. So, consider me an eager sponge.


Unilever had a brand named the vegetarian butcher (vegetarische slager) and I think nestle has some product aswell


DSM a chemical company but making a turnaround to food supplements and are investing in cultured meat (kweekvlees)


Ah yes, I found that out earlier today. Unilever will profit greatly by owning De Vegetarische Slager.