Verschil tussen app en online tools

Hey Bux,

Telkens ik mijn cijfers zie in de app en online tools, zijn ze nooit gelijk.
Nu snap ik wel dat er een delay is in updates van de cijfers, maar zelfs op het einde van de dag, wanneer de markten gesloten zijn, komen de cijfers nooit uit.

In hoeverre zijn de verschillen te wijten aan afrondingen of ligt het verschil ergens anders ?

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This is linked to this similar bug report (which still no feedback has been given on by the BUX team).

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I’ve seen that if you want feedback by the BUX team, it’s best to tag @Fergus and the man will pop up with an answer within a few hours to days.


Haha, @Jim I am glad that you found the right BUX Community guy :wink:

And @Maccie I just forwarded your question to our product team. We are aware of the fact that we are facing some technical difficulties regarding the numbers shown in our BUX Zero app. I let you know when I have the answer from the product team!


I just wanted to add more information, as I know, the more information a team has, the better it can tackle issues at hand @Fergus

When I look at my portfolio in the morning (when both US markets and EU markets are closed) I see that my US stocks show a percentage up or down … and not just static, but actually moving as if the stock was being actively traded.
The only reasonable explanation I can think of is the fact that there is a constant tracking of dollar vs Euro rates and they are are constantly being updated on the US stocks, which in turn shows as a raise/lower percentage.
Maybe … this is also responsible for other issues with numbers on the bux platform ?

I hope this extra piece can shed some more light on the issues with the numbers.