Viatris DRIP program

Hey there @Fergus @BenedettaBUX ,

I would like to participate in the DRIP program of Viatris. Is this possible and who should I contact to make this happen? You can find all information over here:

DRIP will allow shareholders to automatically reinvest all or a portion of the cash dividends paid on their shares of Viatris common stock and to make certain additional optional cash investments in Viatris common stock.

Greetings Friso


Hey @Frisoke :wink:
Let me ask to those in charge and I will come back to you ASAP


I have checked and unfortunately we from BUX cannot facilitate the access to Viatris. So, I can’t help, I am sorry :pensive:


Okay no problems. I will reinvest the dividends myself! Thanks for helping! :wink:

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That’s a pitty…

That is a shame.

@BenedettaBUX : Can you tell us if this is a “BUX” problem or an external problem?

I imagine this potentially being a tax issue because if the stock is issued in the US then we effectively get money without paying taxes. In the US people have to do their own capital gains tax returns, we don’t really have that over here.

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