Wallet (Deposit/Withdraw)

Any news about the wallet? When will it be possible to deposit & withdraw crypto and why is it taking so long to fix this?

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I know send Seb said the wallet app is now on hold, and is awaiting what the dnb court case means for BUX Crypto.

No offense Martin but an official statement by BUX would be in order when Q2 ends and an ETA given.

Of course they could just deliver. That would be awesome.


I fully agree with you. BUX Crypto should give an official statement about the current status. I really want to know when deposit and withdraw is possible again. An exchange without deposit and withdraw is not desirable.


None taken! Agree 100%

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Concentration face

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Right - Q2 has left the building, enter Q3 of the year 2021.

What about informing us on the withdrawal functionality, dear BUX.

What’s the hold up ?

They’ve communicated before that the verdict of the court case between the DNB and Bitonic has caused a change of plans regarding the wallet app. They’ve asked the DNB for clarification, and they’re waiting for an answer.

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Yes, correct, as a result of the recent developments regarding the Bitonic and DNB court case, the new requirements from the DNB are becoming more clear. In the coming weeks, we are working on a new solution to open up crypto deposits and withdrawals again. This will probably not be the external wallet app, but a solution built into the web-app.


I’m down for a clunky temporary solution. Thanks for the heads up.

Hi @Krypto-Kai,

any news here? When will withdraw to external wallats be possible?

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Source: Why are crypto withdrawals and deposits disabled? : BUX Crypto

BUX officially states that BTC, ETH and BUX withdraws are possible again (see below) but it still does not work. Pls clearify. thank you!

As of October 15th, it is again possible to withdraw Cryptocurrencies from your BUX Crypto account.

This applies to:

*** Bitcoin (BTC)**
*** Ethereum (ETH)**
*** BUX Token (BUX)**

Next, we will open Crypto withdrawals for all ERC-20 Cryptocurrencies and then after that the rest will follow. It is not yet possible to deposit Crypto on your BUX Crypto account, since we have to comply with the new regulations of De Nederlandsche Bank (DNB). This feature will also be available in Q4 2021.

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“we disabled it as we noticed some issues that the team is now resolving. When it’s enabled again we’ll also announce that it’s available.”

Form @SebastiaanLichter