Watchlist/portfolio ''Categorie''


I have a suggestion for the app and would like to know if other users like it too.

At the moment you have in your “watchlist” all stocks in alphabetical order. For example, you have banks, tech and consumer stocks all mixed up. My idea is to categorize this (yourself) so that there is a better overview of which stocks you follow in which sectors. this can also be in your portfolio for example. This way you can see which positions you follow/have.

I’m curious what you think about this.


Pretty good suggestion actually!

Might I add that it perhaps should also be possible to specify a target price in each stock and that you get an alert when the stock reaches that target price (or below).
That way you don’t need to actively follow all your watchlist-stocks AND when you do your research and decide a price, you don’t need to constantly remember that price either.

You can just set it and forget it.


Hmmm I see the way of thinking but it can be tricky for companies that you can put in different categories… alibaba can be tech or can be consumer for example…


Hi @Jordeman, thank you for your feedback, interesting :smiley:

I forwarded it to our product team! :pray:t4:


Thanks for your comment!

In such cases, you could give companies like Amazon or Alibaba several labels and let the user choose under which category they want it.


Hi @JPeters

We are currently working on the Price Alerts project.

Here are some more details of what you guys can expect :smiley:

  • Users will be able to set an alert at a target price for a product.

  • A notification will be sent once the target price is reached, and the price alert will be discarded.

  • It’s gonna be possible to see all your price alerts: current and discarded, and manage them: exclude or edit them (change the target price, for instance).

I’ll let you know when I have the final release date! :smirk:


That sounds great!

Might I add one thing though, perhaps don’t automatically discard the price alert for the following reason: You might not be able to buy the stock at that point in time due to budget constraints.
At least give a notification to the user if they want to discard the price alert or not.