We launched our second international BUX Zero tv campaign! 🚀

Hi everyone :wave:t4:

You guys have probably already seen it but we just launched our new BUX Zero TV campaign! :eyes:

The production of the new TV commercial continues where the previous one ended. In the previous commercial @NickBortot-BUX, founder of BUX, told his story in front of life-size BUX letters, the BUX letters now return to different locations throughout the country :smiley:

BUX’s new commercial was created in collaboration with Amsterdam-based production company Fast Forward. Thomas Melgers (Fast Forward) directed the commercial. Also, this commercial was created with a lot of input from BUX itself. Our BUX superstars @Kamiel (Senior Creative Designer) and @Stevan (Senior Creative) were involved in the concept and creation of the commercial.

Enjoy watching! :brown_heart:

Do you guys already have ideas for our 3rd BUX Zero commercial? Please let us know what you think!

Creation BUX: Stevan Zmiric, Kamiel van Eeuwijk
Agency: Fast Forward
Director: Thomas Melgers (Fast Forward)


@Karim here it is mate! This is the new commercial!

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Thanks @Cornel ! Top :smiley:

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